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Article Published 08/09/2017

The Heritage Museum of Layton is filled with priceless antiques--each artifact having its own unique and fascinating story.

For example, there's the 45 star U.S. flag.

The large flag that hangs in the museum's lobby is the flag that represented Utah when Utah was made the 45th state.  The museum's flag is between 110 and 121 years old, and it would have been the official flag of the United States between 1896 and 1907.

The flag first flew over a three-story furniture store building in Akron, Ohio.  When Oklahoma became the 46th state in 1907, the flag was retired and stored among the furniture store owner's personal possessions.  When the store owner's surviving widow died in 1924, the flag was shipped to her son who lived in Phoenix, Arizona.  The flag remained in storage for two generations in Arizona and then in 2010 a descendant was going through his grandmother's old trunk and discovered the flag.  He realized that it would be a sought after treasure for a Utah museum or to a member of the LDS Church.  However, he was not familiar with any Utah museuns nor did he know anyone in the LDS Church.

In 2010, the Arizona owner and his wife traveled to Logan, Utah to attend a senior citizen educational conference at Utah State University.  They brought the flag to Utah with them hoping to find a permanent home for it.  In one of their classes, they met a couple from Rexburg, Idaho who happened to be LDS.  The Arizona couple asked the Rexburg folks if they would like the flag.  Thr Rexburg couple wanted to preserve the flag, but did not want it for themselves.  However, they told the Arizona couple that their daughter was a school teacher at Whitesides Elementary School in Layton, Utah.  They had heard their daughter say that she often took her students to the Heritage Museum of Layton on fieldtrips so the Rexburg couple said that they would be happy to give the flag to their daughter so that she could donate it to the Layton museum.

Thus, the Heritage Museum's spectacular 45 star flag has traveled from Akron, Ohio to Phoenix, Arizona to Logan, Utah to Rexburg, Idaho and finally to Layton, Utah.

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