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19.06.220 Regulations specific to small deaterships

            A small dealership business shall be permitted in the CP-3, C-H, M-1, and M-2 zoning districts, subject to the following requirements:

            (1)        No more than two (2) vehicles shall be displayed outside at any one time.  All other vehicles shall be stored inside a building.

            (2)        Vehicles displayed outside shall be located in an improved striped parking stall but shall not be located in handicapped parking stalls.

            (3)        Vehicles displayed outside shall not have any attached signage other than writing on vehicle windows.  Writing shall not occupy more than two (2) windows of any vehicle.

            (4)        For the purposes of temporary signage, a small dealership shall not be considered an "outdoor retailer."

            (5)        All vehicles displayed outside shall be in working order and generally void of noticeable damage including but not limited to considerable body rust, broken windows, flat tires, missing bumpers, or major body damage.

            (6)        Any amount of vehicle repair associated with small dealerships shall be subject to additional regulations and permits.

            (7)        Vehicles stored inside a building shall adhere to all Fire Safety Codes including, but not limited to:

                        (a)        Vehicle batteries shall be disconnected;

                        (b)        Fuel tanks shall not be filled beyond one-quarter (1/4) tank, or five gallons, whichever is less;

                        (c)        Fuel tanks and fuel openings shall be closed and sealed to prevent tampering;

                        (d)        No fueling or de-fueling of vehicles shall take place inside a building; and

                        (e)        Vehicles within buildings shall not obstruct any means of egress.

Ord. No. 14-08, Enacted, 6/19/2014