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19.04.010 Zoning districts and classification established

            For the purposes of this Title, all of the land within the corporate limits of the City of Layton, Utah is hereby divided into zoning districts.  The boundaries of the zoning districts are shown on the Official Zoning District Map of Layton.  The classification of zoning districts is as follows:

                                    A                     Agriculture

                                    R-S                  Residential Suburban

                                    R-1                   Single Family Residential

                                    R-2                   Single and Two Family Residential

                                    R-MH               Mobile Home Parks & Subdivisions

                                    R-M1               Low/Medium Density Residential

                                    R-M2               Medium Density Residential

                                    R-H                  High Density Residential

                                    B-RP                Business and Research Park

                                    PB                    Professional Office

                                    CP-1                 Planned Neighborhood Commercial

                                    CP-2                 Planned Community Commercial

                                    CP-3                 Planned Regional Commercial

                                    C-TH                Condominium/Townhouse

                                    C-H                  Planned Highway Commercial

                                    M-1                  Light Manufacturing/Industrial

                                    M-2                  Heavy Manufacturing/Industrial

                                    MU-TOD          Mixed-Use – Transit Oriented Development

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