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19.07.010 Purpose

            The City Council of Layton deems that, in order to keep the peace, health, safety, and welfare and promote the best interest of the inhabitants of the City of Layton, these "Sensitive Land Development Regulations" be created, which shall provide standards, guidelines, and criteria, having the effect of minimizing flooding, fire, erosion, and other natural and man-made hazards and protect people and property while protecting the natural scenic character of the sensitive land areas not suitable for development, or suitable for development only after mitigation of hazards and ensuring the efficient expenditure of public funds.

            The standards, guidelines, and criteria to be achieved by the overlay zone shall include, but not be limited to the following:

            (1)        The protection of the public from natural and man-made hazards;

            (2)        The minimizing of the threat and consequential damages of fire in foothill areas by establishing fire protection measures;

            (3)        The preservation of natural features, wildlife habitat and open space;

            (4)        The preservation of public access to mountain areas and natural drainage channels;

            (5)        The preservation and enhancement of visual and environmental quality by use of natural vegetation and the prohibition of excessive excavation and terracing;

            (6)        The establishment of traffic circulation facilities that ensure ingress and egress for vehicles including emergency vehicles into all developed areas at any time of the year with minimal cuts, fills, or visible scars;

            (7)        The encouragement of a variety of development designs and concepts that are compatible with the natural terrain of the foothill areas, that will preserve open space and natural landscape;

            (8)        The establishment of land-use management criteria that will encourage protection of natural elements while allowing a harmonious and satisfying residential environment;

            (9)        Encouragement of regard for the view of the foothills, as well as the view from the foothills; and

            (10)      Determine areas in the City that, due to geologic hazards, may not be suitable for development, or may require engineering measures to reduce the hazards to an acceptable level.

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