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19.09.040 Preliminary plats approval

            For a condominium project to receive preliminary approval, the following standards and procedures must be adhered to:

            (1)        Any person desiring approval from the Planning Commission for a condominium project shall file thirteen (13) copies of the preliminary plat with the Planning Commission not less than two (2) weeks prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which first consideration of the condominium project is to be given.  The Planning Commission shall consider the preliminary plat within three (3) weeks after the filing of the plat.  Within thirty (30) days of the first meeting at which the Planning Commission gives consideration to the preliminary plat, a decision shall be made to approve, disapprove, or approve on specific conditions.

            (2)        The preliminary plats shall be distributed to the appropriate utility companies and to all departments of Layton City.

            (3)        Preliminary plats shall:

                        (a)        Be drawn to a scale large enough to clearly show all details, in no case smaller than one inch (1") equals one hundred feet (100');

                        (b)        Have a north point, scale, and date;

                        (c)        Show the name of the condominium project;

                        (d)        Show the names and addresses of the developer, engineer, and surveyor;

                        (e)        Have contour lines at no more than a five foot (5') interval;

                        (f)        Show the boundary lines of the condominium project;

                        (g)        Show existing sanitary sewers, storm drainage systems, water supply mains, culvert, and irrigation system within the project;

                        (h)        Show a preliminary utility layout for the condominium project;

                        (i)         Locations of streets, walks, easements, parks and open spaces, all commonly owned structures and property;

                        (j)         All requirements in Chapter 19.12 of the Layton Municipal Code shall be observed, and all parking facilities shall be clearly shown on the plat;

                        (k)        Show clearly the construction phases of the project; and

                        (l)         Have the preliminary declaration.

                        (m)       Certain items listed above may be waived at the discretion of the Planning Commission when the condominium project involves the conversion of the existing structures into condominium ownership; however, all conversions must be inspected by the City prior to preliminary approval to insure compliance to the current building codes.

            Note:  Certain items listed above may be waived when the project involves the conversion of existing structures into condominium ownership.

            (4)        After review of the preliminary plat, the Planning Commission's recommendations shall be submitted to the City Council for its review.

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