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19.07.030 Sensitive Lands Overlay Map

            The Sensitive Lands Overlay Map is a map, which specifies areas of the City, which, when proposed for development, must go through the process outlined in this Chapter.  Properties within this overlay may not be suitable for development or may only be suitable after mitigation of the hazards associated with the specific site.  Development within sensitive lands may have one or more of (but is not limited to) the following natural and man-made hazards:  Slope ten percent (10%) or above, dam breach exposure, dense oak brush, faults/fault zones, high liquefaction potential, debris flow and other sediment laden-flows, flooding, landslides, rock falls, shallow ground water, contaminated groundwater, and wetlands.

            In the event that there are hazards in an area that are not depicted on the Sensitive Lands Overlay Map, studies may be required and the process outlined in this Chapter will be followed.

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