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Published on March 29, 2014 - This is an archived news article. Please note that the information within this article may not be current.

The best options in Layton City for citizen input and questions

Do you have a concern, comment, or questions for Layton City?
Addressing the City Council might not always be the most effective method of so doing.
It's almost always more effective for issues to be addressed at department levels first, before being elevated to the City Council.
-Here are some of the options citizens have for input and questions:
1. Contact the City Administration office via phone, website feedback, citizen surveys, or in person.
2. Contact the office, or department director overseeing the topic in question.
3. Contact the Assistant City Manager or City Manager. City leaders are always willing to discuss concerns with residents. Each department also has a suggestion box where written comments can be left for the City Manager that he will read and respond to. Of course you can always call, email or come in person, too.
4. Contact the Mayor or Council Members directly, and/or come to any City Council meeting and make a citizen comment during the time allotted in each meeting. 
5. As more of a last resort, contact the City Manager's office about being placed on the Council Agenda.

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