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Tyson Plastow (Eliminated) - Council Candidate


I'm a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a neighbor. My wife's family has called Layton home almost since she was born. I grew up on military bases around the country where I learned the importance of stepping up, of answering the call when it comes. In my career as a Special Projects Auditor for the State, I have been blessed with professional experiences which make me uniquely qualified to help lead Layton City. I know how to dig into complex reports and ask tough questions, how to spot ways to save money, how to establish practices that protect the People's interests, and even how to root out fraud and other illegal government practices.

I love living in Layton. It is a wonderful place with a lot going for it. Layton has a bright future ahead of it, but we are on the shores of a great sea of changes. As the remaining farm fields sprout houses instead of crops, I want the City to grow in a smart, reasoned way.

I promise to always lead with an eye to the future, to hold City leaders accountable, and to govern with utmost openness.