Layton City RAMP

Welcome to Layton City R.A.M.P.

Welcome to Layton City RAMP. RAMP stands for Recreation, Arts, Museum, and Parks. RAMP is the tax initiative that was voted on and passed by the citizens of Layton in the fall of 2015. The RAMP tax equals 1 cent for every $10 spent in Layton (except grocery food items and gas). With this small tax Layton citizens will see big improvements in our city. Improvements that our normal city budget would not allow.

A RAMP Tax Advisory Commission was formed by our Mayor and City Council to administer the program. The Commission is made up of volunteers and select city staff. RAMP Grant Funding Requests may be completed and submitted to the Commission for consideration by qualified organizations (see tabs above). The Commission will conduct a detailed review of each funding request for the following;

  • Requesting Organization's Eligibility
  • Number of Layton Citizens Served
  • Community Visibility
  • Community Value
  • Fulfills a Community Need
  • Matching Funds Availability

The Commission will forward funding recommendations to the City Council, the Council will make the final funding decisions.

RAMP Tax Funds are truly for the citizens of Layton. The funds are administered by the citizens of Layton, for the enhancement of everyone in Layton.

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