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Code Enforcement Definitions

Deleterious Object: Anything injurious, or with the reasonable potential to become injurious to the health, safety or welfare of any persons.

Junk: Any scrap, waste, reclaimable material or debris whether or not stored or used in conjunction with dismantling, processing, salvage, storage, disposal or other use or disposition. Junk includes but is not limited to, tires, furniture, tools paper, rags, plastics, cordage, scrap iron or other metal, glass, building materials, machinery and appliances or parts thereof, brush, wood and lumber, solid waste, and vehicles and parts thereof.

Storage, Outdoor: The keeping of any personal property, equipment, materials, products, junk, trash, or building materials that is not entirely contained within a structure that is completely enclosed by walls and a roof.

Solid Waste: Garbage, refuse, rubbish, hazardous waste, dead animals, sludge, liquid or semi-liquid waste, and other spent, useless or worthless or discarded materials.

Weeds: Vegetation that has become a fire hazard, vegetation that is noxious, a nuisance or dangerous. Grasses, stubble, brush, tumbleweeds, clippings and cuttings that endanger the public health and safety by creating a fire hazard; insect, rodent or other vermin harborage, or other nuisance. Poison ivy and plants specified as weeds in the Utah Noxious Weed Act.

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