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Article Published 11/19/2013

The Layton Police Department would like to congratulate Officer Anthony Yuen for receiving the CIT Utah Officer of the Year Award. Officer Yuen was presented this award during this year's National Alliance on Mental Illness-Utah Conference on November 15th at the University of Utah Student Union Building.

CIT, or "Crisis Intervention Teams," are officers who have received specialized training to help them identify signs and symptoms of various mental disorders. Through this training, the officers also build valuable relationships with mental health agencies, making it easier to work together on mental health issues. Officers who have received CIT Training can more easily recognize someone dealing with a mental health crisis, thus allowing the officer to provide a safer intervention for everyone involved.

Officer Yuen was nominated for this award by Layton Police Sergeant James Petre. Sgt. Petre witnessed Officer Yuen use the skills he learned in CIT training to help a war veteran suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sgt. Petre said Officer Yuen’s intervention most likely prevented a physical confrontation with the veteran, which may have ended in injuries to the veteran and the officers involved. Officer Yuen is confident his CIT related skills give him the ability to more effectively deal with people who are experiencing a mental health crisis.


Once again, congratulations to Layton Police Officer Anthony Yuen for receiving the 2013 CIT Utah Officer of the year Award!