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How to drive properly through a roundabout …

Article Published 02/18/2015

Layton City’s road system features several roundabouts, including ones on Rosewood Lane and the east end of Antelope Drive.

According to the Utah Drivers Handbook, roundabouts were created in an effort to reduce the number of points where conflict can occur between vehicles and other vehicles or pedestrians. A roundabout has 12 potential points of conflict compared to 56 potential points of conflict at a regular 4-leg intersection. A typical roundabout has a mountable curb around the outside of the center island to accommodate big trucks and semis as necessary.

Roundabouts also bolster the flow of traffic at moderately busy intersections and they are far less expensive than installing traffic signals everywhere.

-According to  here are four important points to remember when using a roundabout:

1. Always yield to the traffic that is already in the roundabout.
2. Roundabouts run counter clockwise, always enter the roundabout to your right.
3. Always yield to pedestrians.
4. Always signal going out of a roundabout. The roundabout is a free flowing traffic lane; therefore, it is not regulated by traffic lights. It is extremely important for the driver to be aware of pedestrians that might be crossing the traffic lanes of a roundabout.

-Layton City’s Web site also has an educational illustration available on driving through a roundabout at:

-There are also many good depictions for driving a roundabout on YouTube: