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Sanitary Sewer Management Plan

Article Published 06/03/2014

Layton City has contracted with Bowen Collins & Associates, Inc. in Draper, Utah to complete the Sanitary Sewer Management Plan (SSMP).  The SSMP is a written document that details how a public entity’s sewer system is operated, maintained, repaired, and funded.  The goal of the SSMP is to provide a plan to property manage, operate, and maintain the City’s sewer system.  This SSMP will also serve as a plan that will meet the requirements of the State of Utah Code, Section R317-801.  A preliminary draft of the SSMP can be viewed here.  The final draft of the SSMP will be presented to the City Council for approval at the June 19th 2014 Council meeting.

The City is requesting public input regarding the SSMP.  The feedback form has a place to put in your contact information in case you would like a response to your comment.  This tool is valuable to provide increased information and awareness from citizens to help the sanitary sewer engineer adjust the SSMP to the needs of the community.  To leave comments or feedback about the SSMP, please click here.