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HAWK Crossings

Article Published 03/14/2017

In our continuing efforts to enhance safety, Layton City is adding HAWK Crossings where the D&RG Trail intersects Layton Parkway, Hill Field Road, Gordon Avenue, and 2200 West. What is a HAWK Crossing? It is a High-intensity Activated crossWalK that is activated by pedestrians, designed to stop traffic, so the street can be crossed. You will notice that these HAWK Crossings are somewhat similar to a pedestrian traffic signal; however, there are some distinct differences. Here are some things you will want to know about the HAWK crossing signal. When the signal is not in use, it remains dark. The only way for the HAWK to be activated is by a pedestrian pushing the button. Once the button is pushed, a yellow light begins to flash alerting motorists to slow down. The light then goes solid yellow as an indicator to drivers that they should prepare to stop. Once the double solid red lights come on, motorists must stop. At this time the signal alerts the pedestrian to begin crossing. Motorists will then see the red lights begin to flash. This tells them that once they have come to a complete stop and if the way is clear they may proceed with caution. The pedestrian is also alerted by a flashing countdown to the number of seconds they have to finish crossing. When the countdown is complete the HAWK will go dark.

Click the thumbnail of the map below to view a demonstration of how the HAWK works or to see the exact location of each signal.