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7004 - Credit Card Policy



The purpose of this policy is to provide users of Layton City credit cards with a flexible and efficient way to make small purchases.  It empowers the cardholder to acquire the necessary materials to conduct business and/or deliver services in a more convenient and expeditious manner.  This policy is designed to promote responsible, efficient, ethical and legal utilization of the City’s credit cards.




1.    Department Directors will determine the need for employees to possess City issued credit cards.  This determination will be reviewed and approved by the City Manager and overseen by the City Manager’s Administrative Assistant.  The Administration Department will oversee the issuance of all credit cards and coordinate with the bank.


2.    Department Directors will request issuance of credit cards for employees who will be traveling for the City.  The Department Director will keep the cards and only issue them to the employee during the travel period.  The credit card is the preferred method of payment for hotels/motels.  Charges for personal services at a hotel/motel, such as additional occupancy charges for a spouse, personal phone calls, in-room movies and room service should be paid separately by the employee.  When hotel/motel charges for City and personal items are paid with the City credit card, personal expenses will be reimbursed to the City with the travel settlement.



3.    City credit cards are to be used for official city business ONLY.   The only allowable exception is covered in paragraph 2 above.   Under no other circumstance will a City credit card be used for personal items.  City credit cards shall not be used for cash advances. City credit cards or account numbers shall not be shared with unauthorized users. Violations of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.


4.    City credit cards are to be used for purchasing only goods and services that have received proper authorization in compliance with the City’s purchasing and travel policies and procedures.


5.    All returns or other credits are to be issued through the credit card.  Under no circumstances should a cardholder accept cash in lieu of a credit to the credit card.


6.    The employee issued the card is responsible for its protection and custody and shall immediately notify the City Manager’s Administrative Assistant and Department Director if the card is lost or stolen.


7.    Credit card users are responsible to not exceed the credit card’s limit.  For circumstances where a higher limit is needed, Department directors should coordinate needs with the City Manager’s Administrative Assistant who will obtain the City Manager’s approval.


8.    Employees issued City credit cards must immediately surrender the card upon termination of employment.


9.    All purchases with the City credit cards are to be substantiated with proper receipts.  Receipts should detail the goods or services purchased, cost, date of purchase, and indicate the business purpose of the purchase. The department director shall check each transaction and initial each receipt.


10.  Monthly statements from the bank are distributed to each Department Director for review and reconciliation.  Statements are to be reviewed, reconciled with matching and attached receipts, coded for accounting purposes and returned to the Finance department by the 10th of each month.  It is each credit card user’s responsibility to follow up on any erroneous charges, returns or adjustments to ensure proper credit is given on subsequent statements.


11.  Finance will review all documentation to assure that supporting documents exist for all expenditures.


12.  Any expenses for which a receipt is not provided by the cardholder will be charged to the cardholder.   The cardholder will reimburse the City for undocumented expenses and may face disciplinary action as provided in this policy.

Enacted, 9/1/2015, Previous Policy 7004