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Preparing for Potential Flooding - Use of Sandbags

Article Published 08/21/2014

Layton City requires the installation of storm water collection systems in city streets to meet specific engineering standards, but Mother Nature can occasionally serve up an unusually intense storm that exceeds system capacity and flooding may occur.  Homeowners in vulnerable areas should consider obtaining flood insurance and, when heavy rains are forecast, are encouraged to acquire sandbags to protect their homes from potential flood damage.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to prepare in advance for such emergencies.  

Layton City Public Works maintains a supply of sand and empty sandbags that residents can fill themselves and transport to their homes to prepare for potential flooding. Public Works also maintains a limited supply of pre-filled sandbags on pallets that may be delivered, if available, at the public roadside abutting affected private property once flooding is occurring.  There is no guarantee that sufficient pre-filled sandbags will be available, so it is best to fill and transport sandbags you will need ahead of time.

Residents placing sandbags to protect against flooding should direct flood water towards the street, and must be careful not to direct water onto other’s private property. 

Affected residents should notify Layton City Public Works at (801) 336-3720 if they are aware of flooding issues so city engineers can evaluate them for future planning. 

Flooding can also be caused when streams and water channels rise due to heavy storms and/or the melting of above average snow pack as weather warms in the spring.   Davis County is responsible to maintain streams and water channels, and to work with property owners to identify potential problems and remove debris.  They also provide guidance and direction to the public regarding the acquisition and placing of sandbags.  Anyone aware of or concerned about potential problems with streams and water channels in Layton should contact Davis County Flood Control for guidance.  Layton City Public Works stands ready to support and assist Davis County Flood Control in this important effort.  To contact Davis County Flood Control, call (801) 444-2230 or after hours contact the Davis County Sheriff’s Office at (801) 451-4150.

To gain access to sandbags and sand from Layton City,contact the Public Works department during working hours at (801) 336-3720, or after working hours contact Layton Police at the non-emergency number (801) 497-8300.  For emergencies, call 911.