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Q&A: Layton City Garbage Collection

Article Published 02/10/2014

Q: What if the lid on my city garbage can is damaged or missing, or the can is otherwise damaged?
A: If your can’s lid is broken or missing, please call 801-336-3860 for assistance in ordering a repair or replacement. There is no cost to the customer. 

Q: Why does it matter if the lid is missing?
A: Lids are important to keep rain and snow out of the garbage, as they add unnecessary weight to garbage collection efforts and can hamper the disposal process.
Missing lids also allow insects and animals to more easily get into the garbage can.

Q: What if one garbage can is not enough for my household?
A:  If one can is not sufficient for your needs, you may order another by calling 801-336-3860.
Currently the rate for each additional can is $8.10 per month. Additional cans must be kept for a minimum of 6 months.

Q: Ideally, where is the garbage can supposed to be placed for emptying? What if my area lacks a curb?
A: Curb or roadside with the handles facing the house. Cans need to be placed at least three feet from other cans or stationary objects, such as light poles and mailboxes and eight feet from any vehicle.

Q: What are some substances that should NEVER be placed in the city garbage can?
A: Paints, pesticides, poisons, antifreeze, hot ashes, electronic devices (microwaves, TVs, computers).

Q: How should I dispose of such items then?
A: Most items can be taken to the Wasatch Integrated Household Hazardous Waste drop off located at the Davis County Landfill. The address is 650 East Highway 193 in Layton. For further information call 801-614-5600, or visit their website at:

Q: Why is it preferable to have the refuse I place in the city can already in a separate trash bag first ?
A: It keeps your city can cleaner and better smelling. Also, in the emptying process into the garbage truck, there is less chance of anything spilling out, if trash is already in a separate container.

Q: What is the best way to clean out the inside of my can, if it becomes dirty or smelly?
A: Wash it out with soap and water in a manner which prevents the material from entering into Layton’s storm water system, such as your local car wash.

Q: Is there a weight limit on how much the city can should  hold?
A:  Maximum weight limit is 250 pounds.

Q: If I don’t put my garbage can out on the street in time for the weekly collection, do I have any other options to empty it?
A: Check to see if the other side of the street has been serviced, if not move can to the other side of the street. If it has already been serviced, call the city to arrange for a truck to return.

Q: If I have any extra items that won’t fit in the can, may I put them near the can and have them hauled away too?
A: If you occasionally have additional items contact the city and arrange for a pick up on your service day. If it is more than occasional you have an option to order additional containers from the city.

Q: What if a few items in my can stick up and the lid won’t close all the way, is that a problem for collection?
A: Because of potential litter issues and safety concerns, we recommend that the lids of all trash cans are securely closed.  If the can lid is not closed the driver will need to make a determination if the can is serviceable. Additionally it is a good practice to bag loose trash prior to placing it in the container to avoid litter in your neighborhood.