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Update on Hill Field Road work

Article Published 06/29/2015

Work is underway on improvements in the vicinity of I-15 and Hill Field Road (SR-232). Along Hill Field Road, near Layton Hills Mall, lanes have been shifted to the east, a configuration that will extend through construction and into the final configuration of the road. This eliminates the opportunity for on-street parking on Hill Field Road.
Additionally, the construction of the ThrU-Turn near Layton Hills Mall (near Wendy’s and McDonald’s) started on June 28. Access to the mall and surrounding businesses is available on Gordon Avenue and 1225 North. 
Also, the construction of the ThrU-Turns on the north and south side of Main Street are also underway. Finally, the west ThrU-Turn (near the entrance to Wal-Mart) will begin following the 4th of July holiday.
Expect narrowed lanes (11 feet) and an adjusted driving pattern throughout the corridor.
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