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Vacation home security tips

Article Published 06/14/2017
Summer is traditionally the time for family vacations and is a time of relaxation and enjoyment. However, it can also be a busy time for criminals to take advantage of vacationers, if appropriate crime prevention measures are not followed.
The following crime prevention tips are designed to allow Layton residents to enjoy their vacation and return to a safe and secure residence: 
-Have locks on all doors and windows and use them.
-Make sure your home looks lived in and not empty.
-Plug in timers to turn lights, radio or television on and off at appropriate times.
-The “lived in” look is a critical part of your home security strategy. 
-Ask a trusted neighbor to watch your home while you are away. -Leave contact information so you can be reached in case of an emergency. 
-Ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway. Vehicles parked outside should be moved occasionally to appear that they are being used.
-Stop all deliveries and/or have a neighbor pick up the mail and newspapers.
-Close and lock garage doors and windows.
-If you have an alarm, make sure you set it before leaving. Also, make sure your alarm company has a list of at least three people who can respond to meet police in the event your alarm goes off while you are away.
-Avoid posting news of an upcoming trip, or of a vacation in progress on Facebook, Twitter, or other publicly accessible Web sites – wait until after you return home to do so.
- If anyone has information regarding burglaries or any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods, please report it to the police.
(Call 911 if it is an emergency, or 801-497-8300 for non-emergencies.)