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Property Tax – How Much Does Layton City Collect?

Article Published 09/23/2014

Recently Davis County sent out Annual Property Tax Notices for 2014.  The question is sometimes asked how much of the property tax paid by property owners actually goes to Layton City versus other government entities.
First, property tax rates are certified based on the County Assessor’s annual analysis of property values within the City.  This is to ensure that property tax revenue generated doesn’t change from the previous year when changes in property values are factored in, assuming there is no property tax increase.
Second, a certified tax rate is assessed to your property’s Fair Market Value (FMV) as determined by the County Assessor.  For primary residences, property owners are allowed to reduce their FMV by 45% and are taxed on the remaining 55%.  Commercial property owners are taxed at the same tax rate, but at 100% of their property’s FMV. 
The annual property tax bill that Layton residents and businesses receive from Davis County this year includes amounts collected for the following entities, shown with their Certified Tax Rates:
• Davis County School District (.008259)
• Davis County (.002161)
• Layton City (.001896)
• North Davis Sewer District (.001025) 
• Davis County Library (.000361)
• Weber Basin Water (.000199) 
• Davis County Mosquito Abatement (.000124) 
Perhaps the easiest way to see this is with an example:  Let’s consider a home assessed to be worth $250,000 this year. The total tax collected would be $1,928.44, which is the sum of the tax rates times 55% of $250,000. Layton City would receive $260.70 (13.52%) of that homeowner’s total $1,928.44 property tax bill for 2014.
The Davis County’s School District’s share of that assessment would be $1,135.61 (58.89 percent); Davis County would receive $297.14 (15.41 percent).  The remainder of that sample bill breakdown would include: North Davis Sewer District $140.94 (7.31%); Davis County Library $49.64 (2.57%); Weber Basin Water $27.36 (1.42%); and Davis County Mosquito Abatement $17.05 (0.88%).
Business owners pay the same property tax rate, but on 100% of the FMV. So, a business in Layton, valued at $250,000, would be paying a total of $3,506.25 this year in property taxes. Of that amount, Layton City would receive $474.00, or 13.52 percent of the total property tax assessment for 2014.