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Back when pigs were hot items for thieves in Layton

Article Published 01/28/2015

Layton City has deep farming roots and back at the start of the 20th Century, pigs were apparently among the prized items for thieves.
“Stole some pigs. And now there is a lack of young pork in Layton,” a Nov. 19, 1902 headline in the Ogden Standard-Examiner stated.
“Down in Layton there is a scarcity of pork on hoof this morning and it is probable that the Layton people will suffer this winter from a lack of home-cured hams. And this is no reflection on the theatres of the intermountain country either,” the story reported.
“The cause of the close pork market in the Davis County city is that two thieves last night visited the pork ranch of John W. Evans of Layton, and took away eight pigs which were just budding into that fulsome hoggishness so much admired by pork packers,” state the story.
-Almost two decades later, “Seven hogs stolen from Layton farm” was a similar headline on July 23, 1922 in the Standard-Examiner.
S.H. Nalder reported the eight pigs stolen were stolen from his Layton pig farm.