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1106 - Computer Software, Settings & Configuration

Software installation

Installation of software should only be performed by members of the IT Department or authorized department staff and must conform to the vendor’s licensing agreement. No software should be installed on Layton City owned workstations or servers without consultation with the IT staff.

Installation of routine updates to Windows OS, Adobe, Flash and JAVA, are permitted by end users. If any questions or problems arise during the installation of updates, contact the IT staff.

Removal of Software

Removal of software should only be performed by IT employees or after consultation with IT staff. Unauthorized software will be removed upon identification. Software identified that impacts the performance of workstations or network resources will be removed by IT until performance issues can be resolved.

Settings / Configurations

End users may select preferences within software provided the preference affects only the local machine.

System configurations, user rights and access are determined by IT staff and staff identified by the department director.  At no time are modifications / configuration changes to be made to any software or hardware without consultation with the IT staff.

Enacted, 5/27/2014, Previous Policy 1106