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3216 - Employee Committee


The employee committee is established to plan and carry out employee social events and to make suggestions and recommendations to Layton City management.  This committee should promote a closer relationship and better understanding among the employees in the City.

This committee shall be strictly non-partisan, non-political, non-sectarian and should be totally unbiased.


A.  During the month of February, Department Directors should submit a written recommen­da­tion of appointment to the City Manager for one (1) department representative and one (1) alternate representative to serve a two (2) year term.  Appointments from Finance, Community & Economic Development, Administration, Public Works and Fire will be made in even years.  Appointments from Police, Parks & Recreation and Legal will be made in odd years.  An employee may serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive terms. 

B.  A chairperson shall be appointed by the City Manager to serve a two- (2) year term. The chairperson should notify members of any called meeting at which they should be present.  The chairperson should designate an acting chairperson in his or her absence.

C.  Annually, the Committee or chairperson should select a member of the committee to keep a written record of all meetings of the committee, and be custodian of same. This individual should also keep a record of the Committee's expenditures and the balance of the funds available to the Committee.

 D.  The department representatives will serve as voting members of the Committee at all Committee meetings and may be asked to compile or obtain information from their department relating to City activities.


Regular meetings  are usually held  monthly as scheduled by the chairperson.  Special meetings may be called by the chairperson if necessary.

Committee Functions

The Committee will be responsible for two (2) citywide employee functions each year.

   1.   Family Picnic  - June

   2.   Employee Breakfast  - Just prior to Christmas

Committee Funding

The City Manager may establish a specific budget amount each fiscal year to be used in the support of the two Committee functions.  The Committee may, from time to time, determine other ways in which to raise funds for the use of the Committee and for the benefit of City employees.  All fundraisers must be approved in advance by the City Manager.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Minor Edit, 12/18/2003
Amended, 10/12/2004, Previous Policy 3216
Amended, 3/25/2015, Previous Policy 3216
Amended, 4/2/2015, Previous Policy 3216
Amended 10/11/2017