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Coach's corner: Spotlight on Coach Ron Stallworth

Article Published 03/17/2010

March 17, 2010

LAYTON — Layton City Parks and Recreation is proud to highlight Coach Ron Stallworth in our coach's corner.

Coach Stallworth is retired from the Utah Department of Public Safety and currently is an adjunct instructor in the Criminal Justice programs at Salt Lake Community College and Eagle Gate College.

Coach Stallworth has been involved in Layton City athletics in some capacity or another for over 15 years. He has worked with many youth throughout the years, from the 30 participants in the programs inaugural year to the over 170 young athletes registered for the 2009 season.

Coach Stallworth is the backbone of the Track and Field program, he has not only coached running skills and techniques but has inspired youth he works with to reach higher goals and keep positive attitudes and self images.

Coach: Ron Stallworth

Sport: Layton City Youth Track and Field

Coaching Experience: 13 years with the Layton City Youth Track and Field program, also has coached youth football and Jr Jazz basketball

Most Memorable Coaching Experience: First state champion to go through the program after four years as head coach. Throughout his time with the Layton City Track and Field program Coach Stallworth has coached 10 youth who became state champions winning a total of 16 state titles between 2001 to present.

Advice for Future Coaches: "Enjoy what you are doing and don't let overzealous parents ruin the experience for you."