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Layton Police offer residents theft-prevention tips

Article Published 09/24/2009

Sept. 24, 2009

LAYTON — In the last two weeks of June, Layton Police responded to a series of vehicle burglaries and thefts in the northeast areas of the City. More than 25 vehicle burglaries and three vehicles were stolen. Officers were able to identify and arrest two suspects.

During the course of these crime investigations a common factor was quickly identified: In all cases but one, vehicles that were burglarized and stolen were left open. In fact, all three of the vehicles that were taken were left unlocked with the keys in the ignition. The police department is asking citizens to help protect themselves with the following advice.

Close garage doors. An open garage gives the suspect a secluded space to commit their crime, and access to other valuables. In addition, most attached garages give access to the home.

Lock vehicles. When you leave your vehicle, you should always lock it. In the vast majority of the cases thieves will not take the time or effort to break into a locked car.

Take keys out of vehicles. In all of the recent vehicle thefts the victims left keys in the ignition. The suspects in these cases then used those stolen vehicles to commit more burglaries. This mobility increased the amount of stolen property they could carry, as well as increasing the area they could roam looking for additional victims.

Remove valuables from vehicles. Take valuable items out of your car when you leave it. Examples include wallets, purses, checkbooks, laptop computers and cellular phones. Thieves are looking for these items. A purse or wallet left on a seat will only take a few seconds to steal. The aftermath is much more involved, as the credit cards, ID, cash and other valuables left inside are often used within a few hours of being taken. The effort to rebuild and repair the damage will take months.

If neighbors see things such as open garage doors, or obviously open vehicles, they should take a few moments and make sure that their neighbors are aware of these situations. This simple act may save one of your neighbors from becoming a victim.

Suspicious activity should be reported to the Layton Police Department. Call Layton Police dispatch at (801) 497-8300 for non-emergency situations, and 9-1-1 for emergencies.

Please don’t wait. Call as soon as the activity is observed. Get as much information as you can without endangering yourself. Observe the people for as long as possible and pass that information along to the dispatcher.