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How to reduce traffic accidents at 2 of Layton’s busiest intersections

Article Published 06/04/2014

Motorists need to be careful anywhere they drive, but in Layton, they need to be especially cautious making left-hand turns and in not following other  vehicles too closely  at the intersection of State Highway 193 (3000 North) and Hill Field Road – the junction with the most traffic accidents in the city during 2013.

There were 60 accidents reported at this intersection in 2013, more than any other in Layton City.

The U-193/Hill Field Road intersection produced 5.4 percent of all traffic accidents (1,110) in Layton City during 2013.

Located at the junction of the South Gate to Hill Air Force Base and up the hill from Northridge High School, this is a very busy intersection.

What intersection has the second-highest amount of traffic crashes in Layton? It’s just to the south at the junction of Hill Field Road and Antelope Drive, where there were 52 accidents in 2013.

According to Layton City Police Chief Terry Keefe, in 2013, the leading cause of accidents at both intersections was failure to yield right of way -- a result of making a left-hand turn when it was unsafe to do so.

“The second cause was following too close, basically rear ending the vehicle in front of your vehicle,” Chief Keefe reported.

However, he noted that year-to-date statistics for 2014 show the same pattern at Antelope Drive and Hill Field Road, but at SR-193 and Hill Field the data shows that following too close is the primary factor in the majority of collisions, followed by failure to yield right of way.

“Failure to yield right of way is caused by drivers being in a hurry to beat a light change, or oncoming traffic when it is not safe to do so,” Chief Keefe noted. “The following too close is simply driver inattentiveness of what is happening in front of their vehicle. Both causes could be reduced if drivers simply pay attention of their driving and leave a few minutes early so they are not in such a rush.”