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Questar Notice Of Construction

Article Published 03/29/2011

Questar Gas is planning to begin construction to replace a short section of underground natural gas pipeline in Layton known as Feeder Line 17. This letter is to inform you about work we will be doing over the next several weeks on a section of pipe near your home or business.

The section of FL17 slated for replacement begins at Gentile St. near the new I-15 overpass and runs north to the intersection of 3000 North and Hill Field Rd. just outside the south entrance to Hill Air Force Base (HAFB). FL17’s existing right-of-way runs through several residential neighborhoods. Questar Gas plans to take most of the existing pipe out of service and replace it with a shorter, 2-mile section of new pipe that will be buried under city streets. The new pipe will begin on 1000 West at Heritage Park Blvd. and run north on 1000 West to Antelope Dr., where it turns east to Hill Field Rd. (SR232). The pipe then runs north on Hill Field Rd., ending at 3000 North outside the HAFB south gate. (See map on the other side of this letter.)

Construction is scheduled to begin the week of April 11 and be completed by the end of July. Construction will begin on 1000 West and proceed north to HAFB.

Questar Gas and its contractor, NPL, are committed to completing this work quickly, safely and with as little inconvenience to local businesses and residents as possible. Since construction will occur mainly in the median of major roads, traffic flow should be maintained in both directions at all times. However, in order to provide room for crews and equipment, some temporary lane restrictions (mainly at intersections) may occur. Right-turn access to businesses and driveways in construction zones will be maintained, but left-turn restrictions in the median where there is open trenching can also be anticipated. Crews will likely maintain a moving work zone approximately 2,000 feet long as construction proceeds. Motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes when possible and to limit driving in construction zones. No interruption to residents’ natural gas service is anticipated during this project.

Public safety is of paramount importance to us. You can do your part to ensure that construction proceeds safely and on schedule by driving carefully in construction zones and keeping children away from open trenches and construction activity. We appreciate your patience.

For more information about the Feeder Line 17 project visit For questions or concerns, or to receive weekly e-mail updates, send your e-mail address to or call 801-324-5548.

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