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City's online services are convenient, dependable and serviceable

Article Published 12/17/2008

December 2008

Ah, the age of technology. How did we ever survive without modern conveniences like the Internet, GPS, Wikipedia and, of course, computers.

According to Ed Frazier, Information Technology Manager for Layton City, there are two very important months in the City's history and its implementation of the electronic age: June 2000 and March 2005.

The former: When the City launched its Web site (, the electronic hub and information center for residents and visitors alike.

The latter: When developers implemented the first online services for residents and potential business partners and citizens.

These services allow residents 24-hour access to such conveniences as electronic payments of utility bills and applying or renewing business licenses.

Three years ago, the first online service established was allowing participants the ability to register for city baseball teams and rosters for the Parks and Recreation Department, Frazier said.

Currently, online services also enable residents to register or create and pay for other sports registrations; fill out special event applications; complete building permit applications; and submit police accident reports.

Frazier said additional services currently under development include:

• Business licensing (new applications)

• Recreational online reservations (bowery, tennis courts, parks, racquetball courts)

• Electronic rainout notification (sports registrations)

• Layton Project Tracker

"We continue to develop new ways to make interaction with the city as convenient as possible," Frazier said.

The City encourages residents to use the online services and to provide feedback at the Web site. "These services have been widely used since going live and are increasing in popularity," Frazier added.

Layton City currently takes in about $65,000 in online transactions per month. This number continues to increase as more and more people discover the convenience of the City's online services.

The use of online services also helps Layton control cost and delay hiring of additional personnel, Frazier said.

For more information, please visit and look for the "Services & Payments" link on the top of the homepage. Or call (801)-336-3800.