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3901 - Termination of Employment

    Voluntary Terminations

    Employees terminating voluntarily, in order to terminate in good standing, are expected to give the City two weeks' advance written notice.  The City may accept or reject this notice.

    Voluntary terminations of regular employees may be effected either verbally or in writing by a letter, memo, email, or any other means.  The City may accept or reject any notice of resignation at any time.

    Involuntary Terminations

    In addition to terminations for disciplinary purposes, involuntary termination also includes reductions in force, budget cuts and any other type of involuntary termination.  Involuntary termination for disciplinary purposes is a formal disciplinary measure.  The procedures are addressed in policy #3801.

    Where the termination is due to a reduction in force, a pre-termination meeting should be held with the affected employee(s) and the Department Director.  The purpose of this meeting is to explain the reasons for dismissal, and to provide the affected employee(s) an opportunity to discuss concerns they may have.

    Where the termination is for disciplinary purposes, documentation shall include certification the employee has been provided a pre-disciplinary hearing.

    Involuntary terminations shall be effected by completion of a personnel action notice and a written statement prepared by the department director of the reasons for dismissal.  This documentation shall be forwarded to the Personnel Department and placed in the personnel file of the employee. 

    Exit Interviews

    All employees terminating employment with the City should be granted an exit interview with the Personnel Officer.  The purpose of the exit interview is to provide an opportunity for the terminating employee to:

                (1)        Turn in keys and/or other City property,

                (2)        To learn about the option to continue health benefits under COBRA,

                (3)        To reconcile any amounts owed to the City or to the employee, and

                (4)        To share any information with the City that he or she feels may helpful in improving morale and/or increasing productivity. 

    A copy of the interview form shall be placed in the employee's personnel file.

    Date of Termination

    The termination date for voluntary terminations is that date determined by the Department Director and specified on the Personnel Action Form.  The termination date for involuntary terminations is that date specified on the Personnel Action Form. 

    Final Paycheck

    All benefits stop accruing on the date of termination.  In the case of voluntary terminations, final paychecks, which include all amounts owed to the employee, are issued on the scheduled payday for the pay period during which the last day of work was performed.  For involuntary terminations, the final paycheck, including all amounts owed to the employee shall be paid on a lump sum basis in accordance with State law.  Documentation summarizing all amounts paid to the employee and/or received from the employee at termination shall be placed in the employee's personnel file.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/1/1996
Amended, 12/9/1993, Previous Policy,
Amended, 2/12/1996, Previous Policy,
Minor Edit, 1/6/2004
Amended, 10/6/2005, Previous Policy 3901
Amended, 12/17/2008, Previous Policy 3901
Amended, 9/16/2010