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Hill Field Road Interchange improvements starting this spring

Article Published 05/18/2015

The $30 million dollar Hill Field Road Interchange project will begin this spring as Ames Construction, Inc was awarded the project on April 10, 2015 by UDOT. They received the Notice to Proceed on April 16, 2015 and will construct a project with the least impact compared to the other design-builders for the I-15 and Hill Field Road Interchange. Layton City will get a complete new Interchange and improvements to the Hill Field (SR-232) & Main Street (SR-126) and Gordon and Hill Field Intersections. The signalized intersections of Gordon and Main Street are too close to the Interchange and are too expensive to move.  
Check out the details on the website . 
UDOT and the City evaluated 29 alternatives to improve the Interchange and intersections for operational performance, impacts, cost, business access, and driver expectation. The concepts that ranked the highest are being incorporated into this construction project. An alternative to construct an overpass near 1425 North, midway between Antelope and Hill Field Interchanges gained traction and now will be constructed in 2018.   
Many people coming from the north of Hill Field Road have learned that it’s faster to get onto I-15 southbound on Main Street by avoiding the Hill Field & Main Street Intersection, go through the intersection, make a U-Turn, turn right and get on the freeway. Some are already calling this the “Layton Shortcut” to get to their destination quicker. UDOT will make the Layton Shortcut legal and improve safety by installing a signal at this location to allow you to make a U-Turn. UDOT will be installing four of these at strategically planned locations to improve business access and also to allow you to make the U-Turn.
What’s the difference from the first U-Turn constructed in Draper? The U-Turns in Layton are being strategically placed to assist drivers to gain access into and out of businesses. UDOT partnered with Layton City and contacted the businesses in advance to discuss these alternatives and locations. The U-turns will be located on Hill Field Road north of Gordon between the Wendy’s and McDonalds to add an additional access into the Layton Hills Mall. U-Turns will also be located at Wal-Mart on West Hill Field Road and at the Savers and PetSmart on Main Street (SR-126) to improve access into the business.  
Second, Layton City met with Draper officials to determine the flaws and problems with the U-Turns. There never was proper signage to direct drivers how to get to their destination. In the Layton turns, there will be overhead signs like detour routes and paint on the road to direct drivers to where they need to go.  
Third, there was no education provided to the public on the U-Turns. Everyone knows how to drive through a SPUI interchange, but few know how to drive the U-Turn. Actually, Layton residents are already making this maneuver on Main Street with the Layton Shortcut. UDOT is investing additional resources to educate the public and citizens of Layton City to know how to drive thru these intersections. There is additional education that will be provided to the local business, published through media, and even shown at the local movie theatres as they get close to completion. The improvements for the U-Turns, also called Thru-Turns will be completed by September 2015. No construction will take place during the holiday season. 
The bridge for the new SPUI will be constructed with half of the bridge east and half of the bridge west of I-15 over Hill Field Road. The two will be slid into place in the spring of 2016 with final completion in summer of 2016.
UDOT and Layton City anticipate this project to be an award winning and change the phrase from “I avoid” to “let’s drive the Layton Shortcut”.