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1939: When Halloween in Layton was more about mischief than candy

Article Published 10/25/2017
Seventy-eight years ago, in 1939, Halloween night in Layton City represented less about candy and more about pranks and mischief.
“Halloween pranks, vandalism annoy County citizens” was a Nov. 3, 1939 headline in the Davis County Clipper newspaper.
Soaping and waxing windows was a common prank, along with the theft of automobile parts and the dumping of sugar beets.
In Layton, one porch of a home was badly scorched when youth tossed a signal torch upon it. The homeowner fortunately put out the fire before it set the structure ablaze.
One of the big stores in Layton posted watchmen on the night of Oct. 31 in front of its large windows to prevent vandals from waxing them. However, “Halloweeners” on horseback used lassos to incapacitate the guards while other juveniles waxed the store windows.