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25 Jan 2018

Joy of Baking

06:30 PM to 08:30 PM

Learn the fundamentals of baking or become a more experienced baker. Please pay $10 to the instructor if taking the whole series or $2 per session for baking supplies.

Joy of Baking Course Schedule
Class 1- January 25th: "The Basics of Baking"- Learn how to follow a recipe and how to substitute ingredients. We will make brownies or cookies the old-fashioned way.

Class 2- February 1st: "Overview of Bread Making"- Learn about traditional artisan bread making the European way and how to make a basic yeast loaf of bread.

Class 3-February 8th: "Breads 2"- How to transform a regular loaf. Learn about sweet bread making and how to shape bread for special occasions.

Class 4-February 15th: "Crust is King"- Learn the basics of pie making, starting with the most important part, the crust.

Class 5-February 22nd: "To bake or not to bake?"- Variations on cheesecake, New York to No-Bake.

Class 6-March 1st: "Pastry Basics"- Whether you are making a croissant or a cheese Danish, know how to make your pastry light, airy, and melt in your mouth.

Class 7-March 8th: "Pastry 2"- Sweet and savory variations on pastries for parties and gatherings.

Class 8-March 15th: "Puddings and Soufflé’s"- The art of the delicate and fragile baked decadences.

Admission: $79 or $15 per class


Event Location: Layton High School - Layton

Presented by: Layton High Community School