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3206 - Uniform Allowance

Uniform Allowance

Certain positions in Police, Fire and Code Enforcement are required to wear a City approved uniform as specified in departmental policy.  One of the primary purposes of the uniform is to readily identify the City employee to the public.  Uniforms shall be maintained in a neat, clean condition so as to bring credit to the employees and to the City.  The uniform allowance described herein is intended to be used solely toward the purchase and maintenance of uniforms.

Regular employees in Fire, Police and Code Enforcement who are required to wear identifying uniforms shall be compensated an additional sum for a uniform allowance, over and above the salary specified for their position.

A uniform allowance amount shall be established annually in the approved budget.  The City Manager, in consultation with the Department Directors, shall determine the percentage of this amount to be paid to employees in eligible positions based on job requirements.

The following positions will be paid a uniform allowance at the percentage rate shown:

            POSITION                          PERCENTAGE

            Fire Chief                                     100%

            Assistant Fire Chief                       100%

            Fire Marshall                                100%

            Full-Time Firefighter                     100%

            Fire Secretary                                80%

            Fire Inspector                              100%

            Police Chief                                 100%

            Assistant Police Chief                  100%

            Police Patrol Lieutenant               100%

            Police Detective Sergeant            100%

            Police Patrol Sergeants                126.8%

            Police Administration Sergeant     100%

            Police Detectives                         100%

            Full-Time Police Officer/SRO      126.8%

            Crime Scene/Evidence Tech          80%

            Full-Time Dispatcher                     80%

            Part-Time Dispatcher                    40%

            Code Enforcement Officer           101.5%

Uniform allowances are advances, which shall be made in semi-annual payments.  One payment shall be for January 1st through June 30th and will be paid on or before January 10th of each year.  The second shall be for July 1st through December 31st and will be paid on or before July 10th each year.

Eligible newly hired employees in a position listed above shall begin receiving a uniform allowance advance when hired.  For all positions except full-time police officer/SRO, the amount will be pro-rated based upon the number of months employed in that semi-annual period.  (Example: an employee hired any day during March would receive 4/6ths of the semi-annual amount.)

Newly hired full-time police officer/SRO employees will receive a full six-month uniform allowance, regardless of when they are hired, due to the high cost of purchasing a uniform.

Uniforms or Clothing Items Provided to Employees

Other positions (i.e. Assistant Dispatcher, Part-time Firefighter, Streets Workers, Water/Sewer workers and Parks and Recreation workers) may be provided uniforms, clothing items or protective equipment as determined by the Department Director and as provided in department policy.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/1/1996
Amended, 12/9/1993, Previous Policy,
Amended, 2/12/1996, Previous Policy,
Amended, 3/28/2001, Previous Policy,
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Minor Edit, 12/30/2003
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