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The museum’s current feature exhibit, March 2018 through April 2019, is titled "Then & Now."

In our modern world nearly everyone carries a smart phone. Incorporated in that handheld device is technology that has taken hundreds of years to develop. The smart phone has the capacity to send oral and text messages, take photos and video, tell time, play a variety of computer games, make calculations, play music, show movies, record and store important personal notes and information, watch television and organize time.

With the smart phone as the "Now" base, the museum has put together a historical “Then” display of a number of inventions that are now part of the modern phone. For example, one feature is a display of still and movie cameras and movie projectors ranging from the first Kodak 1878 Brownie to the modern digital camera. Also, there is a display of antique phonographs, cylinder and vinyl records, radios and video senders and receivers that trace the history of recorded sound from 1868 to the present. The exhibit also includes a very old Layton City telephone switchboard, an old pay phone and representative telephones from various historical time periods.

Other display features include antique computer equipment, no longer used typewriters from various time periods, old video games, antique calculators and adding machines, old movie drive-in sound speakers as well as a number of children’s games and toys that are now accessible on the smart phone.

The museum’s hours are: Tuesday through Friday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 1 to 5 p.m. Closed Monday and holidays.

THEN AND NOW Exhibit Pictures

Layton Old Town

The museum's permanent exhibit features the history of Layton and is called "Layton Old Town." Artifacts, pictures and stories in this exhibit cover the development of Layton and surrounding communities from 1850 to the present. Native American artifacts tell the story of the area's first residents. Pioneer artifacts and photographs tell the story of the area's first white settlers. Artifacts and pictures from the area's first commercial ventures tell the story of the area's economic development from the first cottage industries to the most recent on-going businesses; and artifacts and historical pictures of the agricultural development of North Davis County tell a story of a vanishing way of life.

Layton Old Town Exhibit Pictures