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Winter driving tips

Article Published 12/23/2016

The following are tips from the Layton City Police Department to keep you safe during the winter driving season:

•Prepare your vehicle for winter driving. Make sure you have good snow tires that are properly inflated. Ensure the defrost system is in good working condition.
•Do you drive a 4x4? Remember 4-wheel drive may help you get going, but it won't help you stop quicker. In fact, larger trucks and SUV's weigh more and take longer to come to a stop.
•Clean all snow and frost from your windows before driving.  
•If the weather is bad, postpone or cancel unnecessary travel.
•Wear your seat belt.
•Drive with lights on.
•Drive slow. Make slow and deliberate adjustments. Quick turns, braking, and acceleration may cause sliding.
•Increase your following distance. Begin braking and slowing early.
•Make room for snowplows. Remember the road ahead of them is worse.  If you must pass a snowplow, pass on the left only.
•Avoid multi-tasking. Stay off the phone and other devices. Concentrate on driving without any distractions.
•Remember that road conditions change ahead of you. Bridges, overpasses, and shady areas may have ice when other areas do not.
•Be patient.