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Layton City priorities for snow removal

Article Published 12/23/2016
Layton City has established the following priorities for snow removal:
Priority 1: Primary traffic streets are usually known as arterials. Arterial streets are determined to be the high volume, minimum network which must be kept open to provide the basic transportation system serving the high volume streets, hazardous intersections, hospitals, fire stations, police stations, schools and other “safety sensitive” areas within the City.
Collector streets are the basic networks covering the major traffic streets. Included are selected critical steep grade streets, access to schools and critical commercial areas.
Priority 2: Secondary and residential routes are selected minor arterial, secondary intersections, collectors, bus routes and residential neighborhood streets deemed desirable to be maintained as time and storm duration permit.
Priority 3: Remaining city streets, accesses or unpaved roadways.
Please Note:
It is not the position of the City of Layton to maintain a bare pavement policy, or to provide snow and ice removal on every City Street during or after every snowstorm. 
Therefore, after periods in which the movement of traffic has occurred, snowplows are not as effective for totally clearing packed snow or icy roadways.
Temperatures, storm duration and intensity have a profound effect on the ability of snowplows to clear streets and for salt to melt the snow and ice.