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Do not give money to panhandlers

Article Published 09/22/2014

Layton City officials are strongly advising residents to avoid giving panhandlers money.

While panhandling is not against Layton City Ordinances, giving money to panhandlers is an unwise practice.

Some panhandlers will just use any money received for drugs or alcohol. Others do not really need the money and make a profession out of the practice.

Still others may sadly falsify stories of cancer, or veteran status, to play on emotions. Thus, residents should not confuse panhandling with homelessness, or other neediness.

Residents should also exercise caution around panhandlers who loiter at busy street corners. Handing out money to panhandlers from a vehicle window may create traffic safety issues, or congestion. 

Yes, some panhandlers may have a legitimate need for charity.

However, since it is difficult to truly know a panhandler’s economic situation, it is wisest to simply give funds directly to reputable local charity organizations in Layton, like the Family Connection Center.

That way, it is a guarantee that needy individuals and families will be helped by your donation.

Non-perishable food items can also be donated to the Connection Center, which partners with Safe Harbor, the Utah Food Bank, the United Way and other organizations.

The goal of the Family Connection Center is not to supplant individual responsibility, but to provide supportive programs designed to strengthen families and promote self-sufficiency among the most vulnerable families in the community.

-The Family Connection Center is located at 875 East Highway 193, Layton. 

For more information, call 801-771-4642, or go to: