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Community volunteer-driven Fire Corps organized

Article Published 10/01/2008

Expanding on the same great volunteer objectives of emergency preparedness and community well-being and readiness, a newly formed Fire Corps has been established in conjunction with the Layton Citizens Corps.

The new Fire Corps program utilizes community volunteers to perform certain non-operational functions of the fire department. To date, program functions identified for Fire Corps include:

• Rehabilitation Unit Responder/Rehabilitator
• Public Education Coordinators
• Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) coordinators
• Crisis Intervention Specialists
• Fire Hydrant Maintenance Specialists

The rehabilitation unit is the first program to really take off, according to organizers. The City fire department has retired an ambulance that is in good shape, but not useable as an emergency response vehicle. This vehicle is being retrofitted as a rehabilitation unit that will respond to major fires and other major incidents to provide rehabilitation services for firefighters, other emergency responders and for CERT activations.

With vision and insight from Fire Marshal Dean Hunt, a few retired firefighters—many of whom initially began in the fire department as volunteer firefighters—are contributing and again volunteering to help out the community. They will provide a valuable service by becoming the first Rehabilitation Unit Responders/Rehabilitators.

The Fire Corps and the Citizens Corps of Layton City are still in need of others who are willing to volunteer time to serve in this or any of the other many civic opportunities for Layton City.

If you are interested in serving others, being part of the community, making friends or just wanting to fix something that bugs you, please contact Annie, Layton Volunteer Program Manager, at (801) 336-3827.