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Waste Management Offering Voluntary Recycling Program for Layton Residents

Article Published 08/03/2015

Waste Management is introducing an opt-in recycling program in Layton. The roll out will be between July and December 2015.  Each resident can chose to opt-in to the Waste Management program, stay with their current recycling provider, or choose not to participate in a recycling pick up service.

There have been some concerns expressed regarding this program and it is important to note that Layton City believes in recycling but does not feel a mandatory program is in the best interest of all residents. As described above, each resident will be able to choose what is best for their needs.

Waste Management will begin sending out informational postcards in mid-July. They will be sending them city-wide, but only in selected areas. The sign up process will be in five phases. When you receive an informational post card, your home is eligible for sign up. The phone number for Waste Management will be included on the post card. Your phone call to Waste Management will initiate the drop off of a 96 gallon recycling cart, further information regarding what items are recyclable, and a calendar with your pickup day.

The charge for the service is $5.50 per month. The recycling pick up day will be the same as your regular garbage day, although it will be serviced by another truck. Recyclables are picked up only every other week. As a convenience to Layton residents, this charge will appear on your Layton City utility bill.

The implementation of this new program will take up to six months. If you do not receive a postcard this month, your roll-out will be in a succeeding month.

Important things to note:
  • Contact Waste Management to sign up
  • This is voluntary Waste Management program, NOT a mandatory City program
  • Initial roll out will be in phases over 6 month