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Part 2: Layton City Fire Department History 2000-2015

Article Published 09/28/2015

  In the year 2000, application was made with the Utah State Bureau of Emergency Medical Services for Layton City Fire Department to operate one paramedic unit in joint licensure with the Davis County Sheriff’s Office. On April 2, 2001, this paramedic unit went into service to provide ALS services for the citizens of Layton City.
  In 2002 several of the cities in the north end of Davis County started up their own ambulance services and the Davis County Sheriff’s Office discontinued their ambulance service. At that time Layton City agreed to provide ambulance service to South Weber City and a large portion of Hill Air Force Base, areas previously covered by the Sheriff’s Department.
  In December of 2004 the department added its second paramedic unit and hired an additional six full-time paramedics to staff that unit. Our deployment model was changed from paramedics responding on a squad and the paramedics were assigned to fire engines companies and respond as Firefighter / Paramedics. The Utah Bureau of Emergency Medical Services granted the Layton City Fire Department an exclusive ALS Paramedic License to operate the Department’s Paramedic Services.   
As of July 2015 the staffing levels of Layton City Fire Department were:
Fire Chief
Two Full-Time Secretaries 
One Part-Time Secretary (ambulance billing and administrative support for all divisions of the department)
  Operation Division:
Assistant Fire Chief
Administrative Battalion Chief/Training Officer
The daily Operations Division minimum daily staffing for the current three fire stations is 16 Firefighters. There are three shifts assigned to provide 24 hour per day coverage everyday of the year.
These positions consist of the following:
3 Shift Battalion Chiefs (one per shift)
9 Shift Captains (one per station per shift)
9 Shift Engineers (one per station per shift)
21 Full-Time Firefighters / AEMT or Paramedics (7 per day)
39 Paid-On-Call Firefighters / AEMT or Paramedics (2 on duty each day in addition they cover all Full-time leave shifts) 
Each fire station is staffed with an Engine Company of three members and an ambulance crew with two members and our central station (Station 53) has a Battalion Chief that responds to assist and supervise all crews.
Fire Prevention Division:
Fire Marshal
Fire Prevention Specialist
2 Part-Time Fire Inspectors
1 Part time Life Safety Education Program Specialist
  The Fire Prevention Division is responsible for fire code enforcement, fire investigations, provision of fire and life safety training programs, and coordinating the department Fire Corps program. The award winning Fire Corps program also includes over 60 high school students. 
  The Layton City Fire Department currently provides fire protection and medical coverage for 25 square miles of property, which includes unincorporated areas of the County. The City has a fire agreement with Davis County to protect unincorporated areas. The City also has an agreement with the Davis County Solid Waste Management and Energy Recovery Facility and Landfill to provide inspection and firefighting needs. The Department also provides ambulance services for the city of South Weber and a large portion of Hill Air Force Base.
  The Department has mutual aid agreements with all the surrounding fire departments in Davis County including Hill Air Force Base to assist in the time of major emergency.
  Since 2006, the Fire Department has provided wildland fire suppression outside of the county through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Utah Forestry, Fire and State Lands. Through this MOU, fire personnel have gained extensive experience in major wildfire operations.           In turn, the City has utilized the reimbursement money to purchase several wildfire apparatus, including a 3600 gallon water tender.
  The Fire Department is an active participant in both the regional hazardous materials response and urban search and rescue teams.
  Last year, the Layton City Fire Department responded to 5,334 incidents, resulting in 9,133 apparatus responses.
(-NOTE: Layton City Fire Department history from 1928-1999 is in part one of this series.)