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Tips to beat the heat at Layton's Parade, other July 4th festivities

Article Published 07/02/2013
 Temperatures on the Fourth of July could reach the 100s in Layton.
  Here are some tips for better coping with the extreme heat at the Layton Parade (10:30 a.m.), or other festivities on Independence Day:
-Parade goers should bring plenty of water, and if possible, an umbrella, or arrive early and secure one of the shady spots along the parade route. Wear light, comfortable clothing and even a hat.
-Please leave pets home, as they will fare better at home, than along a hot street, or around fireworks and crowds of people.
-Drink plenty of fluids, to remain hydrated. Avoid drinks with caffeine.
-Young children, infants, babies and the elderly will be most vulnerable to the heat and should be monitored carefully.
-Know the signs of heat exhaustion: cool, pale or flushed skin, heavy sweating, nausea, vomiting or dizziness.
-Know the symptoms of heat stroke: hot, red skin, rapid or weak pulse and shallow breathing.
-Other reminder: Please do not use tarps on the grass along the parade route, or when watching the fireworks, or during other Fourth of July festivities – the tarps will kill the grass in a very short period of time.