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Home Security Alert!

Article Published 09/21/2010

There have been reports of male individuals traveling door-to-door in the city and soliciting money for a trip to Europe with their sports team.  The male suspects offer services in return for the money.  They offer to mow lawns or shovel snow during the winter months and never return to provide the services.  Similar incidents have been reported throughout Davis County.  THIS IS A SCAM!

The suspects are described as Caucasian, wearing white polo shirts with blue stripes, and dark blue jeans.


  1. Do not hire anyone who comes to your door offering to clean your house, do home improvements, etc. without verifying their identity and employer.
  2. If you don't feel comfortable giving someone money, DON'T! Do not let anyone “guilt” you into giving them money or buying their product.
  3. If someone refuses to leave after being asked to, or becomes irate, shut the door.  If they still don't leave, call the Police.