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Remember the elderly during this harsh winter season

Article Published 12/16/2013

Are there any elderly residents, or widows in your neighborhood?
Layton City would like to remind residents to keep an eye on their senior citizen neighbors – especially during what looks to be a particularly harsh winter.
-Warning signs that something might be wrong could include: such neighbors who do not pick up their mail, newspaper, or who you may not see for long periods of time.
-Are they able to easily move their own trash can to the curb?
-Do they need assistance keeping their driveway and sidewalks clear of snow?
-Are they able to travel to the grocery store, doctor’s office themselves, or does someone else already assist them with such travel? If you are already going to the store, see if they need you to pick up anything for them.
-Do they receive regular visits from family, friends, or other neighbors? If not, a friendly visit by you could brighten their day.
-Consider making an emergency contact list of your elderly neighbors and contacting them during an emergency to make sure they are OK.