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Layton Pipe Bomb Case Wrapping Up, Investigation Continues

Article Published 09/13/2007

Layton – September 13, 2007



The Layton pipe bomb case began when pipe bombs were discovered at a carwash on September 5, 2007.  The investigation was very labor intensive and continued almost around the clock for several days until the arrest of Curtis Beeman on September 10, 2007.  Beeman was a suspect in a number of storage unit burglaries in Layton, Clearfield, and Box Elder County.  Layton detectives also arrested Raymond Parr, who they believe manufactured the devices, after it was learned that Beeman burglarized Parr’s storage unit in Clearfield, stealing the pipe bombs.


Beeman was identified as a suspect in the carwash pipe bomb case as a result of a thorough investigation of multiple storage unit burglaries in Layton.  Beeman was booked into the Davis County Jail on nine counts of burglary.  Layton Police are investigating 32 storage unit burglaries that have occurred since April of this year.  Clearfield Police and Box Elder County also have several dozen cases they are investigating.


Currently there is a coordinated burglary investigation underway with Layton, Clearfield, and Box Elder County working together to solve dozens of storage unit burglaries.  The Layton Police Department is asking the public to report any previously unreported storage unit burglaries to their local jurisdiction.