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3513 - Consensual Romantic Relationships in the Workplace


It is not the City's desire to discourage friendship among employees, however, it is recognized that consensual “romantic” or sexual relationships between supervisors/ managers and their subordinates could lead to actual or perceived conflict of interest, favoritism or sexual harassment.  The purpose of this policy is to protect employees from coercive or hostile relationships that may damage morale and reduce productivity because of bias, favoritism, or harassment.


  1. Relationships between a supervisor/manager and a subordinate:
  2. Consensual “romantic” or sexual relationships between a supervisor/manager and a subordinate are prohibited, as well as any conduct, such as dating, that is designed or may reasonably be expected to lead to the formation of a “romantic” or sexual relationship.  Persons should not be hired, promoted, transferred or otherwise changed into a position where such a relationship would exist.  Similarly, persons should not be hired, promoted, transferred or otherwise changed into a position where the supervisor/manager and subordinate have had such a relationship within the last five years.  Where such a relationship existed beyond five years ago, the Department Director in consultation with the City Manager will review the specific circumstances to determine whether or not to approve the action.

    If such a relationship should develop, the supervisor/manager is obligated to promptly disclose the existence of the relationship to the Department Director.  The employee may make the disclosure as well, but the burden of doing so is upon the supervisor/manager.

    The Department Director should inform the City Manager and others with a need-to-know of the existence of the relationship, including the person responsible for the employee’s work assignments.  Upon being informed or learning of the existence of such a relationship, the City Manager, in consultation with the Department Director, may take steps that he/she deems appropriate. 

    At a minimum, the subordinate and supervisor/manager will not thereafter be permitted to work together on the same matters (including matters pending at the time disclosure of the relationship is made), and the supervisor/manager must withdraw from participation in activities or decisions (including, but not limited to, hiring, evaluations, promotions, compensation, work assignments and discipline) that may reward or disadvantage any employee with whom the supervisor/manager has or has had such a relationship.

    Any person who believes that he or she has been adversely affected by such a relationship, notwithstanding its disclosure, is encouraged to make his or her views about the matter known to the City Manager, Human Resource Manager, Department Director, or City Attorney.

  3. Dating relationships between other employees:
  4. Dating relationships between other employees are permitted, however both employees have a responsibility to notify their Department Director when dating begins to document that the dating relationship is consensual and welcome.  Employees will be instructed to inform the Department Director when/if the relationship ends.

This policy shall apply without regard to gender and without regard to sexual orientation of the participants in a relationship of the kind described.

The City’s implementation of this policy is not intended to inhibit the social interaction (such as lunches or dinners or attendance at entertainment events) that are or should be an important part or extension of the working environment, and this policy is not to be relied upon as justification or excuse for refusal to engage in such social interaction with employees.

Enacted, 7/22/1993
Amended, 4/5/1995
Amended, 1/7/2005, Previous Policy 3513
Amended, 11/8/2005, Previous Policy 3513
Amended 10/11/2017