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UDOT information meeting on Highway 89 Jan. 13 at East Layton Elementary

Article Published 12/31/2014

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is planning a safety barrier project on U.S. 89 in Layton during 2015 and is holding a public information meeting to discuss its plans on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, 5-7p.m., at East Layton Elementary School, 2470 East Cherry Lane.

The project will construct median barriers in the middle of U.S.  89 and will change the access of some roads that connect to the four-lane highway.

Each non-signalized access point to U.S. will have one of the three following treatments:

1. Leave as is, with a gap in the barrier.

2. Place a barrier in the middle of U.S. 89, leaving right in and right out access only.

3. Close the access to U.S. 89 completely, with fencing.

This project is not only to improve safety on the busy highway, but also to preserve the corridor for future new interchanges.

UDOT is planning that U.S. 89 will be an expressway in the future.

This project will also involve Fruit Heights and Kaysville and begins at the Cherry Hill Interchange on the south and goes to the State Road 193 on the north.

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