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4114 - Cell Phone Safety

Cell Phone Safety Policy


Using a cell phone while driving is prohibited except as provided in “exceptions” below:


While operating a moving motor vehicle, employees may not talk on a cell phone without a hands free device; or to manually:

·         Write, send or read a written communication, including:

o   A text message;

o   An instant message; or

o   Electronic mail.

·         Dial a phone number;

·         Answer or otherwise manipulate any function;

·         Access the internet;

·         View or record video; or

·         Enter data into a cell phone.


Exceptions: The above paragraph does not prohibit an employee from using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle:

·         To view a global positioning or navigation device or a global positioning or navigation application;

·         During a medical emergency;

·         When reporting a safety hazard or requesting assistance relating to a safety hazard;

·         When reporting criminal activity or requesting assistance relating to criminal activity;

·         When used by law enforcement or emergency service personnel acting within the course and scope of the law enforcement or emergency service personnel’s employment; or

·         To operate:

o   Hands-free or voice operated technology; or

o   A system that is physically or electronically integrated into the motor vehicle.


If a cell phone is found to contribute to a preventable accident involving a City employee while operating a vehicle during work hours, disciplinary action may be taken, up to and including termination.

Enacted, 9/16/2015, Previous Policy 4114