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Police offer public safety info classes

Article Published 03/22/2010

March 22, 2010

LAYTON — It is the goal of the Layton Police Department to work in conjunction with all citizens to make our community a safer place to live and work. In keeping with this goal the Layton Police Department Community Resource Unit offers the following classes as part of their community education program.

Contact the Community Resource Unit at (801) 336-3486 or (801) 336-3484 to schedule a class for your group or to receive further information. Please call at least two weeks before you want the presentation and if possible be flexible on the day of the week.

• Police Department Tours: Please plan at least two weeks in advance for a tour. To schedule a tour please call (801) 336-3486.

• Beware/Be Aware: This class is designed to show people how to become more aware of their everyday surroundings and lessen the chance of needing to use hands-on defensive tactics.

• Stranger Danger: Geared for children 6-12 years old, this class discusses using the buddy system, potential situations in which strangers may try to harm them and information on the 911 system.

• Domestic Violence: This class not only discusses domestic violence laws and the role of police officers, it also gets into the "cycle of violence" and mindset of offenders and victims.

• Law and Order: The focus of this class is to educate people about police officers and the Police Department in general. It is designed as a career fair or merit badge type of class.

• Robbery Prevention: This class discusses what to do during and immediately following a robbery. If desired, this class can include a safety assessment of the property to point out any obvious problems and provide possible improvements.

• Strategies To Reduce Underage Alcohol Use: This class discusses the responsibilities of business owners and employees, as well as applicable alcohol laws and penalties. The class also focuses on why alcohol sales are controlled, how to obtain a beer handlers' permit, tips on verifying age and the role of the Layton Police Department.

• Neighborhood Watch: This program includes two classes designed to support the Neighborhood Watch Program. The first class is all about getting started in a Neighborhood Watch Program. It focuses on observation skills and tips for detecting suspicious activity. The second class is designed for groups that are ready to branch out into a mobile neighborhood watch system. For more information, please e-mail

• Internet Safety Presentations: These presentations are age-appropriate and are tailored to the attention span and interest of the audience.

• Child Identification Kits: The Child ID Kits contain personal information as well as a current image and fingerprints for your child. To find out when the next child identification event will be held, contact the Layton Police Department at (801) 336-3486.

Other classes include:

• Crime Prevention
• Doctor Shopping/RX Fraud
• Underage Alcohol Use
• Dating Violence
• Identity Theft

Contact the Community Resource Unit at (801) 336-3486 or (801) 336-3484 to schedule a class for your group or to receive further information.