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Summer safety: In and around water

Article Published 07/06/2009

July 6, 2009

LAYTON — Summer gives us a wonderful opportunity to have a “splashy” fun time especially at our premier water park, Layton Surf ‘n Swim. Summer fun can continue or within a devastating moment have consequences because of lack of safety or preparedness. Kids drown quickly and quietly. A drowning child cannot cry or shout for help.

The most important precaution for parents is active supervision. Simply being near your child is not necessarily supervising.

Some other life-saving tips include:

Am I Ready?

• Wear water resistive sunscreen, even on cloudy days.

• Enroll your kids in swimming lessons around age 4, but don’t assume swimming lessons make your child immune to drowning. There is no substitute for active supervision.

• Don’t rely on inflatable swimming toys such as “water wings” and noodles. If your child can’t swim, stay within arm’s reach.

• Learn infant and child CPR. In less than two hours, you can learn effective interventions that can give a fighting chance to a child whose breathing and heartbeat have stopped.

• If you have a pool or spa, make sure you know the laws and recommended safety features for the pools such as: Five-foot fencing, anti-entrapment drain covers and alarm systems. Also, keep rescue equipment, a phone and emergency numbers by the pool.

Is this a Safe Place?

• In rivers, lakes, oceans only swim in areas designated safe to swim.

• Make sure the water has been proven safe and avoid strong currents caused by seasonal run-offs and dam regulated releases.

• Only dive in water that has been confirmed 9 feet deep and where the bottom is clear.

• When leaving the pool area, make sure the gate is latched.

Who is watching me?

• Always swim with a buddy.

• Make sure a parent or guardian is observing me.

These guidelines apply to inflatable and portable pools, not just in-ground pools. A child can drown in just 1 inch of water. Kiddie pools should be emptied and stored out of reach when not in use.