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Layton street resurfacing list

Article Published 07/01/2013
 Layton City’s public works department has released its plan for street resurfacing in the city during 2013
   The following streets will be resurfaced:
  Asphalt Overlay:
-Ash Drive (Jeff Street (1275 North) to Gordon Avenue.
-1475 East (Gordon to Snowcreek Drive).
-Oakridge Drive (2200 East to approx 2300 East).
-Robins Drive (Antelope to North City border).
-Church Street (Antelope to SR-193).
-Chapel Hills subdivision (2200 North, 1075 East, 2125 North, 2350 North, 1125 East).
-Entrances onto US-89 (Tanglewood, Corral Drive, Pinewood, Cherry Lane, East Side Drive, Valley View Drive, Hobbs Creek Drive, Skyview Drive, 2200 North, 2030 North, 1650 North, 2100 North, East Gentile).
Weaver Lane (North of Layton Parkway).
-Ellison Park Parking Lot.
  Chip Seal:
-Heritage Park Boulevard (1000 West to Antelope Drive).
-Woodland Park Drive (1000 West Heritage Park Boulevard to Antelope Drive).
-Antelope Drive (University Park Boulevard to Fort Lane).
-Sugar Street (West Hillfield Road to Gentile Street).
-Fairfield Road (Gentile to South Layton City border).
-South Main Street (Rosewood Way to South Layton City border).
  Slurry Seal:
-New Developments recently accepted by Layton City.
-East Gentile (Oakhills Drive to 1980 East).
-2550 North (Church Street to 1700 East).
-1575 E, 1600 E, 1650 E (2550 North to US-89).
-2700 North (1575 East to 1650 East).
-2400 East (3225 North to 3700 North)
-3700 North (2400 East to 2900 East).
-2900 East (3700 North to 3575 North).
-3125 North 2550 East (3225 North to 3700 North).
-3650 North (2550 East to 2650 East).
-3575 North (3600 North to 2900 East).
-2650 East/3600 North (SR-193 to 2900 East).
-3450 North, 3525 North, 2775 East, 2825 East (2650 East/3600 North to end of cul-de-sacs).